Books…and a tree called Wanda

So…my author copies and some stock for events have arrived! It’s a very very odd sensation to be holding my own book as a real, physical object. Thrilling, gratifying, scary and just plain weird all at once. It’s going to take some getting used to.


Of course, this is where all the work has been leading but to finally arrive at the destination…I guess I’ve been so busy that I never really, truly believed I’d get there. I find myself picking up a copy, staring at it, giggling a bit, then putting it down again. Hopefully I’ll get my head around it in a more mature way before the launch!

Since the giggling and staring wasn’t getting me anywhere, I planted a tree. There’s been a hole in my garden since I dug out the old cherry tree. Previous summers it’s been a running battle to keep the fruit flies under control – a battle I completely failed to engage with this year due to being preoccupied with editing the book. They ate the whole thing while I wasn’t looking! So, new me, new tree.


My daughter has christened it ‘Wanda the Dinosaur Tree’. I’m not going to ask her to explain that. She also has a fish called Suitcase. I think she may be a creative genius.

I’m not sure that one tree balances out the paper used to print my books but I’m thinking of it as a down-payment at least. Now, back to the staring and giggling…



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3 responses to “Books…and a tree called Wanda

  1. Special day. How strange about the fish. My daughter launched a magazine called Suitcase.

  2. Pete

    Two fish, one dead?

    PS. Great book :).

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