Oddly exhuberant and salty…

Well, I’ve been called worse things. In fact, the above words refer to my book, not to me personally. But I can live with either.

Salty biscuits

Just over a week until the official release date of Nothing is Heavy and my first review is out, from Bookoxygen, online book reviewers par excellence.

bookoxygen logo

It’s nerve-wracking, waiting for reviews, wondering if readers (and I include reviewers in that group) will like what  you’ve done. Of course, some will and some won’t. There could be some stinker reviews waiting for me further along the line. And that’s okay. I’ve seen some devastating reviews of books that I’ve personally loved, so I hope I’ll be able to accept the bad ones with equanimity. Easy for me to say before it’s happened. We’ll see! For now, I’m very happy that my first is positive.

Past the black and white, like or loathe question, there’s – will they get it? Will readers understand what I’ve tried to do? Why certain things are the way they are? What it all means? Now the book’s almost out there, unchaperoned, I’ve realised the answers to those questions aren’t mine anymore, or not exclusively – they belong to each individual reader. It’s up to them. And no matter what I intended when I wrote the book, it will come to mean whatever it means to whoever reads it.

At first this idea was scary, but the more I think about it, it’s really exciting – the implications of growth and mutation, that the book will in a sense be alive again, animated, fluid, as it was when I was working on it. I’m looking forward to finding out what new shapes it’ll take on.

Spring from the pages

Bookoxygen were kind enough to tweet parts of their interpretation and apart from the title of this post, the book gained a few adjectives – rollicking, rollercoaster…and a reference to Thelma and Louise. What can I say, other than – the film rights ARE available…


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