Review number two

Second review in for the book. Absolutely tickled pink to receive a cracking review from Edinburgh’s own online book reviewer, Subtle Melodrama.

Subtle Melodrama

Here’s a bit of it: “Nothing Is Heavy was brilliant fun to read. It was funny one paragraph, then thoughtful, sad one chapter, ridiculous the next. A fast-paced novel, with moments of clever writing, I’m excited by this debut novel. I put the book down last night with a smile on my face, and I liked that. Not often do I get such a feeling a peace from a novel, and nor did I expect one from a story so bizarre. Realistic and likeable characters, a great setting, a crazy plot; Jarrett has offered a very enjoyable read.”

Of course, I did a wee dance around the room, okay several times around the room, after that one. I’m a little out of breath now.

Apart from the stark-staring obvious reasons for being thrilled with this review – it also came along at just the right moment. With the launch party coming up this Friday, followed by Wigtown, then Pulp Fiction, I’m doing a pretty good impersonation of a bunny in the headlights this week. Going public is such a massive leap after all the time spent in the boxroom writing and editing, I’ve got mental whiplash at the change of gear. But if the book can get out there and put a few more smiles on a few more faces – that’d be magic!

White rabbit


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  1. Hello,
    Just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.
    Check it out

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