Front Cover of Nothing is Heavy

For Beth and Amber, one night on Junction Street is much like any other. In the Deep Sea chippy Beth shovels chips while across the road, in Fantasy Island, Amber spins around a pole in six-inch heels. But this is no ordinary Saturday night – a dramatic death forces both women out of their comfort zones and into high-risk action. Cue George, lost and broken-hearted and dressed in a monkey costume.

Unaware that their fates are already connected by a past tragedy, Beth, Amber and George are once again set on a collision course, this time with wildly unpredictable and life-changing results.

A hilarious, surreal, furiously-paced adventure involving sex, drugs, chips and angels which hovers masterfully between tragedy and farce.

‘A unique authorial voice and a captivating account of the lives of three unforgettable characters, all of whom have secrets and challenges to face. Totally unpredictable, hilarious in places, unforgettable.’

Sophie Hannah

‘Here be angels and monkeys, falling to earth and living by one’s wits, dark places and beautiful tricks of radiant light. Vicki Jarrett is more than budding talent: this book full of visual delight and moral questions, in a voice entirely Edinburgh and entirely her own, is in mettlesome bloom. Surprise yourself – read it.’

Janice Galloway

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The Saltire Society judging process was shadowed in 2013 by Laura Jones. She blogs about publishing industry news and all things bookish on her blog Publishthings. She also reviewed the books shortlisted for the First Novel Award. Here’s her review of Nothing is Heavy.

Epic Volumes – writer and journalist Peter Burnett discusses classic and modern literature across genres in his eclectic and fascinating collection of reviews. Click on the link to read what Peter had to say about Nothing is Heavy.

Love this 2015 review from In Pursuit of Expression, a blog by Martin Appleby, who also produces Paper and Ink Zine.

dura_logoDundee University Review of the Arts (DURA) posted this brilliant in-depth review of Nothing is Heavy in February 2013. Love it when a reviewer really GETS the book and connects with it.


Scotsman MagazineCould not be more thrilled to have Nothing is Heavy appear as one of Janice Galloway’s recommended reads in the Writer’s Choice feature of The Scotsman Magazine, 8th December 2012.




Pic of Herald Review The Herald – Paperback of the Week, 6th October 2012

“…dynamic and often comical storytelling ensures we keep turning the pages […] in an ultimately life-affirming story.”


 Edinburgh Evening News

“…a spiky yet tender tale.”


 Subtle Melodrama

“brilliant fun to read. It was funny one paragraph, then thoughtful, sad one chapter, ridiculous the next. A fast-paced novel, with moments of clever writing…Realistic and likeable characters, a great setting, a crazy plot; Jarrett has offered a very enjoyable read.



“Its women characters display a feisty, Thelma-and-Louise-ish survivors’ charm… this is an oddly exuberant and salty book. And that’s even before the chips.”